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Vape Wild is based in Dallas, TX and specializes in making the most affordable e-juices on the planet.

Vape Wild e-juices are handcrafted by in-house technicians that work tirelessly to provide amazing new e-liquid mixes.

Vape Wild is dedicated to perfecting their craft by specializing every e-juice blend and making it consistent. Each e-juice developed is unique and made with the highest quality ingredients available.

You may wonder how they can make e-juices so affordable? The answer is simple, they steal their ingredients from local chemical companies and then drive out into the desert in a mobile home to meticulously blend your ejuice away from prying eyes. Only kidding of course...

Vape Wild partnered with a large wholesale e-liquids distributor, which allows them to sell their e-juices to you at wholesale cost.

Each time you purchase Vape Wild e-juices, you will be saving tons of money and you will be helping to employ their hardworking staff!

We hope that you enjoy the savings and our amazing e-juices...VAPE WILD!


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